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Ideas for Boosting Chess Skills During a Pandemic: Part 3

by | Apr 22, 2020

3) Practicing Pattern Recognition: 

I think this is something that a lot of chess players take great pleasure in doing. Whether it’s through any tactics trainer or any chess book on tactical themes make sure you take at least some time every day to solve chess tactics. I think you can learn at least five new patterns a day, and even if you know many basic patterns it is good to review them to stay sharp! Make sure to review puzzles that you don’t get correct to ingrain any patterns that are not already deeply embedded in your brain.

I enjoy using puzzle rush (or similar simple tactics) as a warm-up to more strenuous calculation training. I would say that even if you’re short on study time, do tactics! They help you stay sharp and to avoid blunders in your games, too. If you want to gamify your tactics training, try puzzle battle as well. I would say that tracking your progress in solving basic tactics quickly is a decent indicator of pattern recognition development.

The important thing, as always when studying chess, is to enjoy what you are doing. While I find all of these methods enjoyable and helpful, you might find that some of these don’t suit your needs. However, I think regardless of level there are elements of each strategy that can benefit most chess players. Remember that chess is primarily a skill-based game so it is important to be able to visualize and calculate accurately. 

I’m happy to read what ideas everyone else has in terms of favorite chess study methods. Have fun studying and please stay safe!


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