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Ideas for Building Chess Community During a Pandemic Part 2

by | Apr 25, 2020

Hello chess friends!

In the last post, I discussed the learning benefits available on the platforms Twitch and YouTube. Today, I’ll focus on how you can get involved with online tournaments and other ways of interacting with chess students online.

2) Online Clubs and Tournaments:

On Chess.com, players can join a variety of different virtual clubs (twitch streamers often have fan clubs for you to join to connect with people you see in chat and want to play games with). This is a great way to discuss chess ideas (e.g. chess opening concepts, theoretical endgames, improvement tips) in the forums or to organize team matches or tournaments in live chess. It’s also a great way to find games to play during quarantine and to keep in touch with other members of the chess community.

On the subject of team chess matches and tournaments, this is a perfect way to motivate yourself to work on your chess. By improving your skills, you’ll also be contributing to the success of your team! Some clubs also allow members to participate in online simuls or other exclusive events so it’s good to check out the various clubs on chess.com. Online tournament games give you perfect material to analyze with a coach or to practice your own game analysis skills on, as well.

What other benefits do you think come from participating in online clubs? As always, stay safe and play chess.


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