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Ideas for Building Chess Community During a Pandemic Part 3

by | Apr 26, 2020

Hello, Chess Friends!

Last time our topic was how to take advantage of online clubs and tournaments. Today the focus will be on the platform called Discord and the value of setting up chess training games.

Discord and Training Groups/Games:

Discord is yet another platform that chess gamers can use to connect with other players. Lots of chess twitch streamers have their own discord channels, where members can chat about various chess-related topics and organize group calls. This latter feature really lends itself to creating study sessions with multiple players around the same level. You can gather a group of chess players who want to improve on a particular theme and use discord to host the call for your group to share ideas. 

This leads into my final point, which is probably one of the best ways that you can use technology and the chess community to improve at chess: training games. Through any of the aforementioned platforms you can find players around your skill level to play longer time control practice games with (or even set positions to train, which can be helpful specifically for endgames). Then you can use discord in addition to a chess website analysis board to have a real-time digital post-mortem with your training partner. For maximum benefit, I recommend analyzing the games without engine assistance at first to share all of your calculations and thoughts from the game and only then adding the engine to see how your thoughts compare to the engine’s variations. 

As always, please stay safe and enjoy chess!



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